Talan GmbH

is a part of global TALAN Group.
For almost a decade TALAN Group has achieved the production volume of around 3 Mln pairs of safety shoes annually. There are two footwear factories, seven sales houses through all over the world, two certified laboratories and the successful story since 1923.
Found in 2014, Talan GmbH has got already the reputation as decent partner among several European countries.
   We offer our partners a wide range of safety shoes with accredited quality in protection classes OB, S1, S1P, S2 and S3, particularly kind of ankle boots and low cut ankle shoes. The reliability of our technologies has been approved by many years of experience.

Our vision

Every worker must be protected with high-quality safety shoes

Our mission

is to protect the workers in the whole world with safety shoes of decent quality like we have done since 1923. High safety, ergonomic features and comfort combined with appealing design for reasonable price is our production philosophy. Personal protection should be accessible to everyone - as your safety is of highest priority for us.

Our Core Values

  • - Mutual respect with our partners
  • - Trust worth relationship
  • - Sincerity in dealing
  • - Responsibility in all areas
  • - Flexibility
  • - Social responsibilit